Nicole Fraser – Editor-In-Chief

                 Evan McIntosh – Deputy Editor and GGW Curator

                 Lucas Guimaraes – Sr Editor, Engagement

                 Dakota Lasky – Sr Editor, Competitive

                 Jaeger Basger – Weekend Editor – on leave

                 Mark Filipowich – Editor, GGW Q

                 Steve Wooley – Assistant Editor, Tech and Offline

                 Adam Condra – Columnist

                 Andrew Brown – Assistant Curator, GGW

                 Hylke Langhout – Assistant Curator, GGW

                 Glen Fraser – Assistant Editor, Reviews

                 Angelo Blancaflor – Assistant Editor, Intersections

                 Marc Rodriguez – Staff Writer

                 Larissa Jones – Staff Writer

                 N. Miles – Contributor

                Dan Thompson – Contributor

             The Suits:

               Aaron Hudspeth – Commercial and Technical Director

               Dylan Cole – Administrator and Policy Director (Ethics and Privacy)

               Andrew Digby – Community Manager – on leave